After many years of going back and forward I decided to start my blog once again.

There is nothing special - just dump of things I found interesting or worth of saving it somewhere.

Previously, when I tried to use Blogspot the lack of nice editor really dissatisfied me: requirement to edit blogs in web browser, lack of normal code formatting tools - all was not what I wanted. There was set of editors but as far as I found - most of them had some issues like problem with pictures, lack of simple style system or problems with publishing or updates.

Now I found Jekyll - simple static website generator which can simply turn markdown into website which also support blogs.

I don’t even need to have some fancy editor as just dumping small code-snippets and some thoughts around - is almost all what I ever need.

On one side lack of comments or any feedback could be considered as a problem, but nowadays I don’t even expect any visitors - there too many really nice bloggers and influencers all around who spent big portion of their time to get visits. I don’t even expect any visits to be honest, but still want to have some cozzy place to dump ideas.

As followup for me - to setup CI/CD for this, and to find good theme.